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The Faculty of Law

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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultaet der Universitaet Belgrad. Universite de Belgrade Faculte de Droit. Facolta di Giurisprudenza dell Universita di Belgrado. Wydzial prawa Universytetu w Belgradzie.

The University of Belgrade Faculty of Law

The University of Belgrade is one of the oldest academic institutions in the Balkans. Founded in the early 19th century, the University presently comprises 31 faculties, 8 research institutes and a University library, with circa 78 thousand students enrolled.

The Faculty of Law, established in 1841, is the largest in the region, with an extensive tradition of being the regional leader in legal education. A Belgrade law education prepares students for success in law practice, business, public service, et al. A large number of academics at the various faculties of law in all the countries of the former Yugoslavia had obtained their academic titles at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. Presently, about eight thousand students are enrolled in the undergraduate studies and hundreds more in post-graduate studies. The Faculty’s historic building, built in 1940, is proclaimed a cultural monument by the Republic of Serbia. The Faculty of Law is home to diverse research projects and engaging publications, such as books, the Law Journal Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, the monthly bulletin Acta Diurna, and more.

The Faculty hosts academics and post-graduate students from abroad and has established wide-reaching academic and professional cooperation with many law schools in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Upon the initiative of the Faculty of Law, some of them received honorary doctorates from the University of Belgrade, e.g. Johan Hans Ankum (Holland), Alan Watson (USA), Svetozar Pejovich (USA), Hiroshi Hokama (Japan), Ramsey Clark (USA), Claude Albert Colliard (France).

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